TransSmart Zimbabwe | Programmes
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Education and Awareness

Raises awareness within the transgender, intersex communities and the larger community which views transgender and intersex people as outcasts. Stigma and discrimination experienced by transgender and intersex people causes mental turmoil which triggers suicidal tendencies. Discrimination towards transgender and intersex people in making them feel as if they do not belong in society, this creates several psychological issues which have no support readily available within health institutions. Through this initiative Trans Smart Trust noted that some small segments of LGBTIQ persons are accepted, transgender and intersex persons still need education for them to identify who they really are and how to support each other.



Life Skills and Livelihoods

Trans Smart works to promote the identification, inclusion, integration and assimilation of human rights issues affecting transgender and intersex people in Zimbabwe. This movement was motivated after realizing that the transgender and intersex community were not being recognized as much as the other key populations in Zimbabwe. Transgender and intersex communities face the challenge of self-stigma which causes self-blame, shame and in some cases resulting in feelings of unworthiness and depression. Through this initiative, Trans Smart builds skills which are in need for transgender and intersex persons to regain their self-worth and confidence. This programme seeks to alleviate challenges such as poverty, unemployment, gender-based violence.


Health and Support

This programme focuses on addressing health related issues such as Sexual and reproductive health, STI’s, HIV and mental health. Access to health for marginalized transgender and intersex people is key in this programme. Provides health education and support services such as testing, counseling and condom distribution.

After carrying a short survey in Harare, we identified 10 trans women who later up to form a support group made up of 25 trans women and 1 trans man in Harare. Upon formulation of the support group it was noted that they were facing challenges each day limiting their access to basic needs including inhibition from accessing medical help especially those who are HIV positive, dropping out of school due to bullying, being denied participation in church departments and for example being part of a choir or to teach Sunday school children.



Trans Smart supports the recognition and advancement of the rights of transgender and intersex people. Through this cause the organization engages key stakeholders such as the government, policy makers, judiciary, private individuals as well as the community in general. The main objective is to create an appreciation of the need of the rights of transgender and intersex people to be recognized and to create policies that protect and advance the same.