TransSmart Zimbabwe | About Us
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About Us


Trans Smart Trust is an organization that focuses on transgender and intersex person’s well-being, founded in 2012 and registered as a Trust on the 16th of July 2016 after a long struggle in an environment where there is limited appreciation and acknowledgement of the existence of transgender and intersex persons. Trans Smart Trust works to promote the identification, inclusion, integration and assimilation of human rights issues affecting transgender and intersex persons within different social groups of the larger Zimbabwean community. Through Trans Smart strategic focus, the organization’s participatory methodologies have become the fulcrum for integrated inventiveness in developing transgender and intersex person’s livelihoods. To date the organization is continuously working on improving Health, Human rights, Life Skills, Capacities and participation in governance processes. Trans Smart Trust manages a portfolio of projects targeting transgender and intersex persons who constitute transgender and intersex persons living with HIV, albinism within urban and rural areas. The organization’s activities bridges the knowledge gaps through information dissemination, provides capacity building for rural and urban transgender and intersex populaces, facilitates platforms for the community and its leadership to interrogate as well as take action in promoting human rights.



Innovation and leadership for improved livelihoods for transgender and intersex people through capacity development and promotion of rights.



To provide information and build capacity for transgender and intersex people through participatory initiative.



  1. To Advance community acceptance for sustainable development without discrimination.
  2. To educate transgender, intersex and larger communities through information dissemination.
  3. To impart life skills and income generating skills for transgender and intersex persons for improved livelihoods.
  4. To create platforms for integration and interaction.